Monday, 16 September 2013

straightway 1st time to johor

Roses is a red
Violet is a blue
This week I went to wedding
At buluh kasap segamat johor

Ok..14 september 2013, my kawan ain as my #ex classmate utmkl, also become my #ex colleque anc already get married with her lovely hubby

So!! we all pepagi hari lagi bertolak dari kuala lumpur and 'bujet' atleast sampai buluh kasap dalam pukul 12 p.m.

Alhamdulilah perjalanan kami lancar dan berkesempatan 'snap2x pictha' sebelum pihak suami sampai..

Ok..we all wish u and hubby will be happy till jannah..InshAllah
so..most of the 'pitcha' gelagat kami yg tak leh blah huh!!

With bff nadia in car when we all bored otw to buluh kasap!!!

With wati and syaz waiting for snap pitcha with pasangan mempelai!!

Hmm..I become crazy also when meet this girl lol!!!

And last but not least.. we in one car want to back home!!! Yeszzzza!!!

Our captain 

K..done, meet next ya!!